Thai Vocabulary First 500 Words
Did you know with just 500 Thai words
you could make up thousands of different sentences?
Now what if I told you if you learned the right words you could say double that?

Five hundred words is not a lot and if you learned 10 new words a day for 6 days a week in 2 months you would know all RIGHT words that can have you speaking Thai. Even if you already know some Thai, wouldn't you like to know the words that can actually help you speak Thai? But if you are above beginner then look at our next book Thai Vocabulary: The next 1000 words.
Learning the vocabulary in Thai is like learning the Alphabet it's repeating over and over again the same word until you can remember it. That's how this book is to be used. Open up a new page of words every day and say them aloud until you remember them, then have someone quizzing you on the words.
Example Lesson 42: Communicating
  • Speak พูด Phut
  • Yell ตะโกน Dtagohn
  • Speak Softly พูดเบาๆ Phutbowbow
  • Speak Louder พูดดังๆ Phutdungdung
  • Talking คุย Khui
  • Talking Together คุยกัน Khuigun
  • Letter จดหมาย Jodmai
  • Write เขียน Khian
  • Type พิมพ์ Phim
  • Said บอกว่า Bok Wa
Learn to speak Thai in 42 Lessons!

1. Numbers 2. Counting 3. Time 4. Animals 5. Shopping
6. Food 7. Eating 8. Introductions 9. Dates 10. Places
11. Body Parts 12. What when where why… 13. Actions
14. Getting Around 15. Schools 16. Pubs and clubs 17. Clothing
18. Shapes 19. Business 20. Bathroom 21. Bedroom
22. Around the house 23. Doctor / Health 24. Police / Law
25. Feelings 26. Travelling 27. Sexes 28. Illicit
29. Earth / Space 30. Sizing 31. People 32. Countries
33. Understanding 34. Culture 35. Directions
36. Weather 37. Map 38. Baby 39. Compliments 40. Colors
41. Stuff 42. Communicating
Over 500 Thai words in 42 lessons

If you are a tutor or perhaps you have a Thai friend who can help teach you Thai then these simple lessons are great for involving them in your learning process. Having a list of words for someone to help you learn requires no preparation by any Thai and enables you to learn Thai faster focusing on just what you NEED TO KNOW